Elect Dr. Stacy M. Burrell for Crowley ISD School Board

Vote for Dr. Stacy M. Burrell for     Crowley ISD School Board, Place 2

“A Purposeful Community that is Passionate about Students’ Success”

“A Purposeful Community that is Passionate about Students’ Success” was a statement I jotted down in my personal journal on March 6, 2010. At the time I was a substitute teacher in Crowley ISD. I served in various sub positions in the district between 2009 – 2010 as I dedicated time to complete my dissertation and finish my doctoral program. Serving as a long-term sub in RISE at Crowley High School and in several sub assignments at the Bill R. Johnson CTE Center allowed me to witness first-hand the amazing dedication of administrators, teachers, and students. It was a very tightly knitted together community that cared for the well-being of everyone. The essence captured in the opening sentence serves as reminder for me during my short tenure of service.  

Even then, that experience was preparing me for the journey I am embarking on now, asking for your carefully consideration in electing me as your next school board member. My vision for Crowley ISD simply entails providing purposeful services and pioneering learning innovations that benefit elementary, middle, and high school students with their transition to each grade level and into post-secondary opportunities where they become great American citizens.

My education philosophy is centered on the student development theoretical framework of challenge and support (Sanford, 1967). As a community, we come alongside administrators, teachers, and parents to set expectations that are a balance of challenge and support. When we give students too much support with too little challenge it creates a comfortable environment for them, where little development is possible resulting in complacency and stagnation.  However, too little support with too much challenge makes development impossible and causes negative experiences that lead academic decline and dropout.

This means strategic and meaningful community engagement has to occur in helping students and their families understand how student achievement and on-time graduation directly correlates with student success. As a community, we must inspire students to become excited about learning for them to ultimately be owners of their success. This is accomplished by being purposeful, passionate, and with pioneering innovations!

On May 7, 2017, Vote for Dr. Stacy M. Burrell for Crowley ISD School Board, Place 2

Early Voting begins April 24th through May 2, 2017

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